Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Letter

 These last few days have been a whirlwind! Our days have been so jam packed, its felt like a few weeks have already gone by. We didn't even get to catch our breath. Friday we taught our first lesson in Spanish and today (Saturday) we taught our second. Our investigator's name is Matias, he's not a real investigator but we're treating him like one. We've taught him the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. The lessons are pretty stressful because our Spanish is limited but they have been telling us to focus on bringing the Spirit and teaching specific to Matias. It's really hard to do but it works. Today's lesson was a testament to that. A sister in my district read a scripture to me that really helped. It's D&C 11:21 which says,

Seek not to declare my word,
      but first seek to obtain my word,
and then shall your tongue be
   loosed; then, if you desire, you
shall have my spirit and my
word, yea, the power of God
unto the convincing of men.

After she read that I felt overwhelming comfort about learning Spanish. Its been easy to get discouraged, especially when you have to give lessons, but I have to remember to focus on the Spirit and the doctrine and the Lord will help me with the rest.
The people in my district are great! We haven't been together very long but we've started bonding.
There's one other sister companionship in my district. One sister is leaving, she is very excited. I'm bummed to see her go. She's been a great help  with Spanish. She's really patient with us and answers all our translation questions.

I"m really excited for the rest of my time in the MTC and my mission. Keep me in your prayers so I can learn Spanish! 

Guarden la fe!

Hermana Hutchinson

p.s. Since writing this letter we had a Relief Society meeting. Janice Kapp Perry was the speaker! She had us sing a medley of primary songs she wrote. Then she had us sing a song she rewrote the lyrics to. She rewrote As Sisters in Zion to The Sisters in Zion. We were the first group to ever sing the new lyrics. Basically everyone in the room was crying. I don't remember all of the lyrics but my favorite I made sure to write down was "we go forth enlisted with Helaman's Army with numbers much greater than ever before" I can't wait for tonight's devotional!

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