Monday, January 20, 2014


Well, I'm all packed and ready to go. We're leaving Rancagua at 5pm and the plane leaves at 9:55pm. I've had a lot of things going through my mind the last couple of days. When the president left our house after telling me, the only thing I could do was cry. I thought about all the things I love about Chile, all the people, the missionaries in my mission. And all I could do was cry. But I have been thinking a lot about the will of God and that even though I want to stay in Chile, that's not what Heavenly Father wants for me. He has a plan for me and I can only see what's going on right now. But one day I'll be able to see everything and I'll understand why. I also know that this wasn't a sudden change but the mission that Heavenly Father chose for me since the beginning. My letter should have said Concepción, Rancagua and Boston. Bueno, who knows, maybe I'll get moved again before the end of my mission :) I'm absolutely devastated to be leaving Chile. Chile is my second home, but I'll see everyone again someday. Heavenly Father has sent me to Boston and I'm going to do what he needs me to do. And to be honest, the thought of going to the United States had crossed my mind more that once. The Holy Ghost was preparing me. 

So my unexpected last week in Chile was actually kind of lame. Hermana R's ankle has been hurting her a lot so we ended up staying in the house Wednesay, Friday and Saturday. As a result, we really didn't do much. I guess to look at the bright side, I don't really have any investigators I had to say bye to. Just the ward. (that was difficult. I LOVE this ward) So not much happened this week. Today for p-day, we ate watermelon and churipan--which is sausage and chilean bread (ohhhhhhhh the bread here I will miss greatly.) I have a million and one good memories to take with me. It was an amazing 8 1/2 months here. I made a lot of really great friends and I look forward to the new friends I will make in Boston. 

Next time you hear from me, I'll be in the promised land.

Hermana Hutchinson
January 13, 2014

We did have someone come to church with us on Sunday. Her name is M. She's an older woman who has a really hard time understanding things. After trying for 20 minutes, we were unable to explain to her what a prophet is. So we'll be going slowly with her. We also had a really awesome lesson with a gentleman named W. It was when we were doing splits with Hermana G. That was probably the best lesson I've been in. I walked into it not really knowing what I was going to say. But, following the spirit we were able to help him understand more about why we are here on the earth and what our purpose is. He was going to come to church with us too, but couldn't for some reason. We have been working hard on keeping the faith. Heavenly Father has a plan for this sector and we are doing our best to realize that plan, but we have to be patient and do it according to his timing.

This week was interesting. I had 3 different companions haha My companion had a couple different meetings to go to so I did splits with Hermana S! We started in Constituciòn together. We did splits twice Tuesday and Friday morning. It was cool. Then we did real splits with some hermanas in our zone. I was with Hermana G from Peru for a day. She is pretty cool, but kind of quiet. Then I had my regular companion, Hermana R.

I have started the New Testament and let me say, I am fascinated. I'm accompanying my study with Jesus the Christ by Talmage. If you haven't read this book, you're missing out! It is amazing. Huge, but amazing. And talmage is SUPER smart. I have learned a lot and coupling my study of the N.T. with Talmage has been an exciting adventure.

Right now we're in a town called San Bernardo. Hermana R had to come and pick up her Chilean ID here. It's a fairly big city. There are a ton of people in the street playing music. Including flute. I've never seen anyone in the street playing the flute, but it was cool. We're waiting for the next train the leaves to Rancagua. The ciber we're in it just about as ghetto as it gets. I'm using an old and dirty IBM moniter and the computer is running Windows XP. But it beats the first time I emailed you guys from Chile. That computer was running Windows 95 hahaha

I'm glad you're all doing well. Tell Jake that in Chile soccer is HUGE!! I love playing soccer when I get the chance. It's one of the coolest sports in the world. I'm almost convinced it's the offical sport of the celestial kingdom. Also the Soccer World Cup is coming up in Brazil. Maybe you could try getting him excited for that. Root for Chile!! CHI-CHI-CHI LE-LE-LE VIVA CHILE!!!!!!
It's funny because in Chile when someone scores a goal the announcer says:

It's my favorite part haha

Keep being awesome family!

Hermana Hutchinson

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 6, 2014

Happy new year!!!!

I have no idea what's going on with the TB business. No one has told me anything. 

New years was spent in the house. We had to return early--at 7:00. A less active member brought us dinner and we ate and went to bed. It was the most uneventful new years of my life haha but there's always next year.  

Okay, so when we chatted on Christmas. You guys asked if I'd eaten any watermelon. I forgot to tell you last week. But afterwards, the familiy we were with gave us watermelon! I've actually eaten a lot the last couple weeks, which of course makes me the happiest little missionary ever. They cut the rind into big pieces and eat it with a spoon. Exactly how I like it :) the watermelons here are also huge. It's awesome!

So I also can't believe that in two days I'll be hitting 8 months! The time has gone by soooo quickly. Some days I still feel like I'm a newbie. The worst part is that the transfers keep going by faster and faster. I'm going to be on the plane  home before I know it.

My companion is pretty awesome.  We get along really well. The worst part is we're still in the middle of an investigator drought. We're looking though. Searching and searching and searching. The good news is this week we have some appointments with people who could very well progress. Cross your fingers!

News! Yesterday I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish! My next goal is the New Testament. I started it this morning. It's a bit more challanging to read the bible in Spanish, but I've been understanding so far. One of my goals for 2014 is to study the life of Christ. I have another goal to memorize 2 scriptures every week. If you have any requests let me know! Last week I memorized 2 Nephi 31:20 and Matthew 13: 45-46.

I hope you all have a super awesome week!
Love you!

Hermana Hutchinson

Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 30, 2013

hey guess what, TRANSFERS!!!  I get to stay in Manzanal again!! Wooooooo! Hermana U left though. She's in Curicó now. My new companion is Hermana R from Panama. She only has 2 transfers left in her mission so basically, I'm going to learn a ton from her in this transfer.  I think I'm eternally in Manzanal with all this TB business. Normally transfers are on Tuesday but since tomorrow is New Years Eve, we had transfers today! I had to wake up early. Bleh. I took Hna U to the bus station at 7am and I left a little bit before 12pm. It was kinda boring, but I got to talk to and get to know more missionaries which was cool. I also got to hear about all of things happening in Talca.  But the theme is that Hermana R is here with me now. I also can't believe that it's almost 2014. Next time you hear from me, it will be next year. 

But things going through my mind right now: at the end of this transfer, I will hit my halfway mark. WHAT IN THE HECK. I still feel like I have 3 months in the mission. But for now, I can still tell people that I only have 7 months. In a week, 8, but I'm still good for now. 
This transfer is going to be crazy because my companion is Coordinator of...exchanges? I think that's the word in english. But basically, I'm going to be doing exchanges every week! I hope I learn a lot from all the Hermanas. 

That's all that's going through my mind right now.

I don't have much to say since I told you everything on Wednesday. But I hope you're all still doing good! Keep being awesome and don't eat too much candy :)

Hermana Hutchinson

Just a little update about the whole TB business with Katelyn. The blood test she took came back positive for TB. So Katelyn has TB but because she has not been sick and has no symptoms it is latent TB. She is now waiting for Chilean government approval for one of two medications. But she is doing great and has a very positive attitude about it.