Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 30, 2013

hey guess what, TRANSFERS!!!  I get to stay in Manzanal again!! Wooooooo! Hermana U left though. She's in Curicó now. My new companion is Hermana R from Panama. She only has 2 transfers left in her mission so basically, I'm going to learn a ton from her in this transfer.  I think I'm eternally in Manzanal with all this TB business. Normally transfers are on Tuesday but since tomorrow is New Years Eve, we had transfers today! I had to wake up early. Bleh. I took Hna U to the bus station at 7am and I left a little bit before 12pm. It was kinda boring, but I got to talk to and get to know more missionaries which was cool. I also got to hear about all of things happening in Talca.  But the theme is that Hermana R is here with me now. I also can't believe that it's almost 2014. Next time you hear from me, it will be next year. 

But things going through my mind right now: at the end of this transfer, I will hit my halfway mark. WHAT IN THE HECK. I still feel like I have 3 months in the mission. But for now, I can still tell people that I only have 7 months. In a week, 8, but I'm still good for now. 
This transfer is going to be crazy because my companion is Coordinator of...exchanges? I think that's the word in english. But basically, I'm going to be doing exchanges every week! I hope I learn a lot from all the Hermanas. 

That's all that's going through my mind right now.

I don't have much to say since I told you everything on Wednesday. But I hope you're all still doing good! Keep being awesome and don't eat too much candy :)

Hermana Hutchinson

Just a little update about the whole TB business with Katelyn. The blood test she took came back positive for TB. So Katelyn has TB but because she has not been sick and has no symptoms it is latent TB. She is now waiting for Chilean government approval for one of two medications. But she is doing great and has a very positive attitude about it.

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