Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dec 16, 2013

Okay, this week was a million billion trillion times better than last week. We had so much more success this week! We made a goal to have 8 new investigators, which was huge compared to the zero investigators we had the week before. Amazingly, and by the goodness of Heavenly Father, we found 8 new investigators.  I'm super grateful for the advice from my district leader. He told us that as we contact if we say "por lo menos" which means "at least" we will enter more houses. So when we would contact, if--I mean, WHEN--they tried to reject us we would say, "Can we at least come in a sing a Christmas song with your family, or say a quick prayer?" It worked almost every time! And for that reason, we had 8 new investigators. Also references from members. We were out contacting one day and someone shouted at us from a car. We turned around and the car came toward us. Inside there were no less than 5 youth and a member. One of them, named S, gave us the address of one of her friends and told us to go visit her. We went last night and not only did we have a lesson with her, but with her mom and her sister too. BAM! 3 new investigators. All 3 of them are awesome. I can already see the light of Christ in their eyes and I think that, as long as we teach with the spirit, we will see a baptism of 3 here in a month or so.

Can you say BAPTISM!!! J was baptized on Saturday WOOO!!!  Half our zone came and we got a picture with everyone. The pictures I have with just J suck so this will have to do.
Okay the missionaries who are in the picture from left to right are:
Hna C, Hna U (my companion!) J, me, Hna d and Elder Ae (ZL) (on the ground)
in the back: Elder L (my DL), Elder L Elder J, Elder A (ZL) and Elder O
And I think the kid on the ground is named B
WOO BAPTISM!!! That makes 7.

On Thrusday we did service at an elementary school. It was hot and long and fun. We mowed their lawn and made it look all pretty. 

Wednesday, I did my first splits. The Coordinator of Divisions (splits) came to Manzanal and my companion went to her sector in C. Her name is Hermana N. She. is. AWESOME!!!!!! She's actually going home to Colombia this thursday :( but I learned a ton from her during our splits. It was an awesome day. It was cool to talk to a missionary who's just about to go home and here about her experiences and everything she's learned. I hope I will be like her when I'm about to go home.

So this week, we have a Christmas zone conference. Actually that's tomorrow haha and also tomorrow, the results of the Quantrofusion Gold (haha) test come in so we will know once and for all what's going to happen with all this TB nonsense. Also this Saturday we have a stake Christmas program. At first I just needed to play the piano for my ward, but all of the sudden I'm playing for the whole stake and I'm playing the piano for a special number with the friend of a woman in my ward. He has an amazing voice. We're going to do O Holy Night. One of the Elders in the other Zone is going to conduct all the music. Good thing there are gringos here. I don't know how the Chileans would have Christmas programs without us :) I'll tell you how it goes when we SKYPE!

I hope you all have a great week! LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Hutchinson

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