Friday, June 7, 2013

Another week has gone by! I'm halfway done with the MTC, can you believe it? I love having p days on Wednesdays because that's when all the new missionaries come in. My companion and I like to sit outside and people watch. Usually she's watching for someone in particular. I don't know anyone, so I just like seeing their petrified faces and think back to my first MTC experience. Today, we got 910 new missionaries. To put this in perspecitve, before today we had about 3000 missionaries total in the MTC. I don't know how many have gone out so I don't know the current population, but I do know that we've gotten the biggest number of missionaries today than we've ever gotten. The Lord is hastening his work!
As for the Spanish... it's coming. It's amazing how much the Lord has helped me, though. It's easy to look at where I want to be and compare myself to that standard, but I have to remember to look at where I started and see how far I've come. It's mind boggling to be honest. A few weeks ago I couldn't say anything and now I'm teaching lessons. I don't have perfect grammar and I still don't know what the crap the subjunctive is, but I've come so far already. Of course, I really only know the vocabulary of the lessons, but the rest will come. I was blessed with some awesome teachers though. I feel like I talk about them in every email, but they are both so passionate about Spanish and the Gospel. It's inspiring. They push us really hard too; they want us to be our best. I'm extremely grateful for them!
It was cool, last week, Michael Capawana came to the MTC. He was supposed to go to the Brazil MTC, but he didn't get his visa, so he came here! The cool part is his classroom is on the same floor as mine! We see each other every once in awhile. It's nice to see a familiar face :)
Honestly though, nothing very exciting happens during the week. Sorry if this email is boring. I'm sure once I get to Chile I'll have many more stories. It's weird to think I'll be there in 3 weeks!

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