Sunday, August 25, 2013

WOO! This week we had TWO baptims! V and Ml! V gave up smoking to be baptized and M is super afraid of water, but still got in! (It actaully a sad story. He watched his mom die in the tsunami three years ago.) Their faith is astounding and I'm so proud of both of them!
Let's see--this week we had interviews with the mission president! I was nervous that it was going to be in Spanish, but I'm happy to say it was in English! It was actually kind of weird to have a conversation in English and hear my voice speaking in English. I haven't heard myself speak in that much english in a while. But it was really good. I really like President Warne. His wife is also awesome. She is in the process of learning Spanish too and we got here around the same time so we're in the same boat! They're both really wonderful people.
I also have some interesting news. This week--thrusday I believe--my companion and I will be going on an adventure to Santiago, which is not in our mission. The mission office lost her passport so we have to go to the Mexican embassy in Santiago to get her a new one so she can get her Chilean ID so she won't get deported. I'm pretty excited for that! Hermana M wants to go to the temple in Santiago. I think that would be awesome, but I don't know how I'd feel about doing a session in Spanish.....
Today we went to the beach! It was so beautiful! The sand is black here! It's so cool! I took a lot of pictures, but I'm only going to send one. Don't worry, it's the prettiest! We also saw some seals which was both really weird and really cool. And I picked up a bunch of seashells.
Nothing really exciting happened this week except for the baptism.
 Hermana Hutchinson

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