Sunday, August 25, 2013

So we ended up not going to Santiago. I'm kind of bummed, but oh well. And yeah, we didn't go to the temple. I'm interested to see the change in the endowment session (If I'd gone in Santiago, I would not have know what the change was in Spanish haha)
So I'm a little put out because here in Chile there is a Día del Niño. There's a kids day. Like mother's day and father's day, but for kids. Why doesn't America have a Kids day?¿ There was a huge celebration in the plaza downtown with games and bouncyhouses and food and sweets and the scariest mickey and minnie I've ever seen (they had human arms). And what's better, the kids get presents too! Yeah so when I'm a mom I will be celebrating Día del Niño. It's the second sunday in August if you want to start too. :)

Oh and yesterday there was an earthquake! Okay not really. It was a tremor and I didn't even feel it. My companion did though and the other hermanas, but not me. I heard it though! But I thought somebody just dropped something outside haha So my first earthquake (tremor) and I didn't even feel it! Don't worry mom, it was like a 0.1 on the rictor scale.
Hermana Hutchinson

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