Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 10, 2014

This week we went on exchanges with the Framingham and Marlborough sisters. If you remember, I used to serve in Framingham an Marlborough so it was exciting to go back and see the area again, even though we were in the english area. We got to go to the spanish group activity though so I go to see a bunch of people that I worked with again. Everyone recognized me! But apparently I've changed a lot. I was actually just looking at some old pictures of me and it appears that I've gained some weight, so don't judge me when I get home! haha I'm sure it will come off as soon as I quit my diet of rice and beans.

We had another appointment with M this week! It was awesome because this time we brought a member with us, so the lesson was ten times better than usual. She hasn't talked to her boss about getting sundays off yet, but she has written the letter and is planning on giving it to him soon. 

We also stared a new service this week. We are working at a thrift shop at a homeless center for women! The homeless center is really cool. They work with women who are in really bad situations to get back on their feet. They help them get jobs and find housing opportunities. They also run a thrift shop in which all the proceeds go to the homeless shelter. So this week was our first time working there. We put clothes on hangers and put them on racks for two hours. It was a little monotonous, but it was really fun! There's also some really cute clothes there that I wouldn't mind buying sometime in the future....the other ladies who work there are really nice too. One of them already knew about the church, she has a friend who's a member. It will also be a great finding activity for us because there are a lot of hispanic women who come in! But we'll see, we're not sure if they would let us proselyte while we're there. Either way, we're excite to be volunteering there every week.

So to pump our zone up, we came up with a zone hashtag. #wings which stands for West Is Nevah Gonna Stop. Well there's a restaurant here named Wings so my district went there last p day. 

We also had halloween. I was a mexican. hahahahahah there's also a pic of the ward halloween party

I love you all so much! Hope you have a great week! Only 3 more letters left!

Hermana Hutchinson

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