Sunday, November 23, 2014

Novemeber 17, 2014

Well, it's pouring outside. It's a rainy, blah day, but I'm happy it's not snowing yet. This week was a fun one! 
Tuesday we had stake reporting. We met at the stake center with the Stake President and President Packard. We told him how things are going in the wards and we talked about some exciting things that are coming up (Worcester 3 Branch!) We also told him all about our mission goal, which he was very excited about. 

Wednesday we did service at the Abby House thrift shop. It's really fun, but I've decided that I don't want to work in retail haha We literally just put clothes on hangers and put them on racks all day. But it's fun. There are a lot of spanish people who come in....even though they're all kinda crazy.

Afterward, we got together with the zone leaders to plan for the training we had to do during interviews. We were training on improving on teaching the first lesson. President Packard brought a couple ipads and we recorded the companionships teaching the first lesson then we watched it with them and talked about how they could improve. 

Thursday was interviews! We gave our training 3 times. We talked with the districts about how their baptismal dates are doing and what else they need to do to prepare them for baptism. Then we did the ipad thing. Everything worked out really well. I feel bad for Assistants to the Presidents who have to give a million trainings though haha My interview with President was good. I'm going to be getting interviewed by him in a few weeks so thursday I just asked him to read the scriptures with me. We read Alma 13 and we talked about the priesthood. It was cool. After interviews we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the Zone Leaders. Of course, we got wings! West Is Nevah Gonna Stop! They were good. 

Friday Sister B and I got up and played Tennis! Elder M has some tennis rackets he let us borrow so we were out at the tennis courts playing! I'm so bad at tennis, but so is Sister B so it was a lot of fun. Then it started to snow! I can now cross "playing tennis in the snow" off my bucket list. We also had an appointment with M on Friday. She's doing great! She's still excited to be baptized, but she hasn't got sundays off yet. I don't think she's talked to her boss about it. So she probably won't be getting baptized in November, but probably December or January. She's doing great though. We talked about the Word of Wisdom. She told us that she used to drink a lot of coffee but a few weeks ago after starting to meet with us, she decided that she didn't want to drink coffee anymore, so she just stopped. She's so solid, she just needs sundays off. She also gave us a box-full of bread. There were like, 12 loaves. We won't be needed bread for a while.

Saturday we went on exchanges with the worcester english sisters. It was really fun! I went to the english area with Sister B. It was a really fun exchange. We got to go and meet some crazy people, including a crazy cat lady. We helped her clean her house. Yep, it was gross. But we also got to hear her crazy cat-lady stories. So it was an amusing night. We also taught a first lesson to some people from Africa. It was a really great lesson and you could tell the Lord has been preparing them to receive it....even though he was also trying to watch soccer the whole time. haha it was a good lesson. Sister B is an awesome missionary.

Last night we went to M's for dessert. It's Sister B's birthday this week (the 21st) so we had a mini celebration with M, G and the Elders. We had chocolate cake and sang happy birthday. Then M brings out a present for Sister B...and to my surprise, a present for me! She got us each a nice Target scarf and a gift card to Forever 21! It was so nice! We love M so much. We also had fun hanging out with them for a little bit last night. We also went to an english member's house after church because we're going to be doing a musical fireside next week. He wanted us to come over so we could practice. He's going to be doing most of the singing, but we'll be featured in a couple songs. His name is Paul Ferrin and he's amazing! He sang one of the songs for us and we were blown away. You can look for him on Youtube. He has a lot of talent. We're really excited for the fireside.

Also this week, we had 2 baptisms in our zone! That brings us to a total of 4 for the month with 5 more scheduled! On the mission scale, we had 19 baptisms yesterday!!! We're up to 39 baptisms for the month of november! And we've got a LOT more baptisms scheduled for the rest of the month. It's turning out to be a month of miracles. We've seriously been seeing a lot of miracles this past month, both in our area and the well as the whole mission. I feel so blessed to be a part of this effort.

Recently I've been trying to pick up the Boston/Worcester accent. It's hard because we're not usually around english speakers (and when we are, they have a spanish accent) but we do converse with them so watch out, I'm going to be talking funny when I get home! Haha

Can you believe it? 2 more p days! Today I'm doing a clothes purge. But it looks like I'll be taking some new Forever 21 clothes home with me as well so I'll have to plan accordingly.

I hope you all have a great week this week!

Hermana Hutchinson

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