Sunday, July 21, 2013


Yes, I'm plenty warm. That sleeping bag was one of the best things I brought with me. Our mission president gave each of us an electric sleeping pad, but I don't even need it.
My investigators are all doing great! C is still set to be baptized this Saturday and her husband C came to church yesterday! I was super excited!

This week was kind of weird. On...wednesday...I think... We went to Talca for a district class except this week we had to get there early because we were having a zone conference with our new mission president, President Warne. We had to wake up at 5:00am (but we didn't get up until 5:30 haha) so we could be on the bus by 6 and in Talca by 8. The conference was good and we all got interviewed by the mission president and his wife. Did you get a picture from them by chance?
And then on Friday we traveled to Rancagua for a new missionary conference! Thursday night we traveled to Talca and then Friday morning we traveled to Rancagua. 4 hours of traveling total. The conference was really good and I learned a lot! I also had the most terrifying moment of my life. The night before one of the APs called me. I figured he was going to ask me to play the piano, but no, he asked me to give the closing prayer! AHHH! I was stressing out about it the whole conference! I was planning what I was going to say and everything. Then I got up there and my mind when totally blank and I forgot all the things I was going to say! Ugggh! I made it though the prayer fine, but it was hands down the most terrifying moment of my mission so far. Hopefully I'll be off the hook for saying prayer for future mission conferences though. 
We also had transfers this week! It's weird because I've only been here 4 weeks, but Rancagua has a different transfer schedule so we had transfers! And the news is.....nothing! I'm staying in ConstituciĆ³n! My whole district is staying actually (I think--language barrier)
We had a baptism on Saturday! I attached a picture. So, Chileans a) don't know how to pose for pictures and b) don't know how to take pictures so it's not that great of a picutre, but it's the best one I have on my camera haha I also attached a picture I took today. It's a beautiful day in Conti! I didn't even have to wear my jacket!

So a funny story. So we were walking with the Elders (Elder T from Guatamala and Elder O from Argentina) the other night after an interview with K. Elder T and Hermana M were talking and I was walking next to Elder O, who was trying (and failing) to speak English. None of them can speak english very well. Hermana M knows some but not very much. Elder O was pulling something out of his pocket and we heard something fall so we both stopped to look for it (we couldn't find it--weird) Hermana M and Elder T didn't know we stopped so they kept walking. Elder O and I looked for a moment and decided it was nothing so we started walking again. Elder T and Hermana M were about 10 yards ahead of us and realized we weren't behind them so they turned around to see where we were. When they turned around I shouted, "Don't worry, we were just making out!" hahahaha and it's funny because none of them had any idea what I said. Oh funny. I say things like that all the time.

Les amo
Hermana Hutchinson


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