Sunday, July 21, 2013

So this week, I made note of all the things I wanted to tell you about.
First, the milk. They don't pasturize the milk here, they blast it with radiation...or something. It's safe to drink, don't worry, it just has a bit of different taste and you don't have to refrigerate it. But they also have dehydrated milk. My companion showed me her favorite brand of dehydrated milk and I bought it. It's hands down the most disgusting milk I have ever had. Especially on cereal. YUCK! Today I'm going to buy regular milk so I don't have to eat dry cereal anymore. Bleh.
The whether here is not bad at all. I can't decide if it's because we haven't quite been hit with winter or if it's because I'm on the coast...maybe both? but I haven't been very cold. It's actaully pretty similar to Moscow weather sprinkled with more Seattle. It also hasn't been very humid...until today at least. Today feels like I'm taking a shower, but it's okay. But seriously, it hasn't been very cold. I actually like it. My companion is ALWAYS cold though. and she always has to go to the bathroom. It's not a bad thing though. We were able to teach a couple lessons because she asked to use their bathroom.
Everyday a member from the ward feeds us lunch. I haven't had a lunch that I didn't like (yet! knock on wood!!) Pretty much, all we've had though is soup, chicken and fish with some carbs on the side...rice, noodles, potatoes... muy rico! The food is really good (except the dehydrated milk) and the members always give us some fruit to take on the road. Yum yum! The other day though when we were at a memebers house, one of her sons had a shirt on that had english on it.  I've noticed a lot of people with english written on their shirts. This one in particular was really funny though. The tshirt said "US Army Wife" I'm 100% sure he has no idea what his shirt says!
Oh, so last week at our mission conference, I met a girl named K R. She told me she used to live in Moscow. She was a year below me, but she went to McDonald and even had Mrs. K she couldn't remember what ward she was in.
We were going through the area book to looks for people contact and in 2009 there was an Hermana Hutchinson in Constitución! How cool is that! Also, people have a hard time saying my name. A sister in the other companionship calls me Hermana Hutchington. It's funny, I love it.
I'm super excited because the other day we met a girl named R. She is awesome! The spirit was so strong during our lesson with her and she accepted baptism. She couldn't come to church with us yesterday, unfortunately. I think she might be my first legit investigator! The problem with the Chileans is their so nice. They invite us in to share a message with them, but they don't really have any interest. We haven't gotten past 2 lessons with very many people. I think Rocío is going to be different though! She didn't say anything, but I think there is something in her life that is difficult for her right now and I think we came and the perfect time to share the Gospel with her! I pray for her and hope she'll be my first baptism!!

Have fun on the Independence day! It will be my second in a row that I won't even be in the country! hahaha oh well, we can have a mini celebration in Chile!

I love you all! Keep being awesome!

Hermana Hutchinson

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