Sunday, July 21, 2013

This week was exciting! We now have FOUR people with a baptismal date! This Saturday a girl named K is getting baptized. She is 11 years old. Her parents were taking the discussions with the missionaries, but decided they weren't interested anymore, but K still was (at least that's what I think happened. Language barrier) Her parents are super nice though. They aren't married, but there have been whisperings of them thinking about it. Karla's mom came to church with K on Sunday. I think she really likes it, but doesn't think she has time. Anywho, K is awesome! She's really smart and has a big personality for an 11 year old. 
We also have a woman named C on date for the 20th. She's really cool too. We started meeting with her and her husband C, C and her young daughter a couple weeks ago. C lost interest, but C still wanted to keep meeting with us. We invited her to a FHE activity and she's come to church twice. It's cool to see the change that has come over her. You can see the light of Christ in her eyes. The other day we had an FHE at her apartment with C. He's interesting. I can tell there is something holding him back, but I'm not sure what it is. I can tell he really likes our message, but for some reason he won't keep commitments. He was supposed to come to church with us on Sunday, but had a headache. I dunno. I've been praying for him. I know it would be much better if both of them were baptized. Hopefully the Lord will help C.
We also have a gentleman and his 9 year old son. V and M. They are both awesome! Vr unfortuanately lost his wife in the earthquake so it's just him and M. They are really poor. They were supposed to come to church with us last week, but didn't because they didn't have money for a cab and it was raining. Here the taxis are $350 which is about 60-70 cents in America. Yesterday we made sure to pick them up and we paid for the taxi. They loved church! They also attended a baptism on Saturday and loved it too! V loves everything about the church so far (at least I think he does--language barrier) And M is adorable. He's 9, but he looks like he's 6! He's really shy too, but I think he really likes coming to church.
As you can see we've had a lot of success! I'm excited for K's baptism this Saturday and I hope that C, V and M will keep coming to church and keeping their commitments so they can be baptized too!

Other than that, this week has consisted of a lot of contacting, which I've decided I don't like. At least right now because I can't really do it very well. I can follow conversations alright, but for some reason when someone talks to me, I'm completely lost. So contacting is kinda hard for me. I have a funny story though. They other day it was raining so I had my umbrella. It stopped raining as we started talking to these 4 girl. They were all 12 and 13. So my companion is talking to these girls and I'm closing my umbrella which as rain all over it, because it had just stopped raining. My umbrella is spring loaded so all you have to do it push a button to open it. It requires a bit of force to close it though. You can just close it like a normal umbrella, usually I push it against the ground to close it. This time though I was way zoned out for some reason and I tried closing the umbrella by pulling it down from the inside. I didn't click into place though so when I let go, it sprung forward and all the water flung off onto one of the girls we were talking too. I got her all wet! And she was like 12. I felt so bad. And in my zoned out state I started speaking English. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" One of the other girls was like "No problem." I had an oh-yeah-I'm-in-a-Spanish-speaking-country moment. haha it was embarrasing, but really funny.

So the's coming. Slowly, but surely. It's easy to get frustrated when I don't understand or can't comunicate, but I have to keep reminding myself that I've only been speaking Spanish for 9 weeks. Usually I just bear my testimony or explain a principle during the lessons. There have been times when they had no idea what I said, but usually they're really nice and supportive of the fact that I'm learning Spanish. Everyone tells me I have a good accent though, so that's something. Keep praying for me though. It's hard being in a completely different country and having no idea what's going on most of the time. I love it here though. It's funny cause you can always tell when it's about to rain because it will get ridiculously humid. The other day I went to bed and thought "why do I feel wet!?" (like in Pink Panther haha) My towel is never completely dry and my hair....oh let's not even talk about that (braid all the time) but I love it here. I just need to learn the freaking language! But just wait, when I get home I'll be a Chilean, just wait.

I'm glad to hear everything is going well at home! I'm glad you've been meeting with the missionaries so much. Being a missionary I know how awesome it is to have the support of the members. Love the missionaries, they need it! 

And sharing the Gospel isn't too scary is it? I challange you to share the Gospel with someone! Even if you just give them a passalong card! You never know who the Lord is preparing to recieve the Gospel. 

I love you all!!! Keep being awesome!

Hermana Hutchinson

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