Sunday, October 6, 2013

September 30, 2013

Another crazy week.

So when this tranfer started, we had Hna. S, Hna. R, Hna. M and me. Hna S got emergency transfered 2 weeks in and we got Hna. S. Then last week happened. Poor Hna R has been sick for a million years. She had pnuemonia but she never really got over it. So last week we had ANOTHER emergency transfer. Hna R got sent to Talca so she can be closer to the doctor and we have Hna B. She is from Boston and she is super cool. I really like her. But wait there's more! Hna S has asthma and her sector is pure hills so it's difficult for her. So for sure she is getting transfered next week so Hna B has to learn her new sector in 2 weeks and this is her first transfer. Luckily for her, she learned spanish before coming on her mission. She speaks about as well as me, but she has a hard time understanding. But wait there's more! Okay, Mom, don't freak out. Don't freak out. Everything is okay. Don't freak out. It turns out Hna R has tuberculosis. So everyone who lived with her while she was sick has to get tested for TB. But don't freak out mom because remember when I got my TB shot? So I don't have TB, it's all for precaution's sake.
So that was my week in a nutshell.

But the best thing in the world happened. P got baptized!!!  He is super awesome! The spirit was super strong at his baptism. His birthday was also yesterday so he got the gift of the holy ghost on his birthday! I would say that's the best present you could get for your birthday.

To answer your question, yes I'm going to watch GC. We're going to watch it in the chapel with the ward. It starts at 1pm here and the second session at 5pm. How weird is that? I'm just happy it's not in the middle of the night or anything. We couldn't watch the RS session because it's started at 9pmand we have to be in our house at 9:30. I was bummed, but someone in the ward is going to download it onto a CD and give it to us. So I'm not bummed anymore.

And dont worry about me not having food, I have plenty of food. And the members feed us everyday so don't you worry. In fact, you should worry about me getting fat because they eat so many carbs. Bread, rice, potatoes and more bread. And cookies. So worry about that. And I'm plenty warm. Don't you worry about a thing. Cuz every little gonna be alright.

I will have news of transfers next week. I don't want to leave Conti, but we'll find out soon!

¡Que le vaya bien!

Hermana Hutchinson


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