Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 11, 2013

This week, I made a list of things I want to tell you so I don't forget anything.

I was going to tell you last week, but forgot, that I experienced my first tremor last week! Tuesday night at about 11:30 I woke up to the bed vibrating. It took me a second to register what was happening, but I figured it was a tremor. I was going to get my glasses to look outside, but when I got out of bed, it stopped. It was a pretty strong tremor. It registered as a 5 on the rictor scale and it lasted for a while. Supposedly there were 2 other tremors that were noticable and a total of 14 tremors throughout the night. A couple days later, there was another tremor, but we were walking home from lunch so we didn't feel it. I guess when you're walking, you can't feel tremors.
I have officially experienced a tremor! Woo!

We also got our x rays done. We're getting the results today. If it ends up being bad I'm sure President W will call you :)

Also, I don't know if you're aware, but last friday, the 8th, I hit my 6 month mark. One year left! Sunday, I'll hit my 5 month mark in Chile (and ConstituciĆ³n haha)

Yesterday was the birthday of our ward mission leader so all the missionaries went to his house for an FHE. We ended up playing Spoons and guess who won? Hermana Hutchinson!!!! I'm the Spoons champion of the missionaries in ConstituciĆ³n!!!

Yesterday was the baptism of C. It was super good. A lot of his family is less active, but they all came to support him. It was a super good service.

There's a mcDonalds in Talca. We went there after our district meeting a couple weeks ago. Outside of our window there was a stand selling stickers, but like, giant stickers that you can put on you wall. One of them was a picture of Buzz Lightyear, but it said Bos Layer. At first I though it was funny because it looks like Boss Layer which doesn't really make sense. There are a lot of funny attempts at english I've seen here (Like a roasted nuts stand called King the Nuts) But then I realized that Bos Layer is how you say Buzz Lightyear in Spanish. There are a lot of vowel sounds in English that don't exist in Spanish, like the U in Buzz. Also there are a lot of words where we don't pronounce the T very stongly like in Lightyear. So Bos Layer is the Spanish equivalent of Buzz Lightyear. I almost died laughing.

There are also elections on the 17th. Did you know the communist party is a pretty prominant party in Chile? Also their campaign videos look like movie trailers. Kinda funny.

We have interviews with the President this Thurdays. At first it was today. Then it was tuesday. Then it was wednesday. Then it was thursday. I hope it doesn't change to friday.

So there you have it. We have transfers in a week! Next week I'll have the news. I'm 99% sure I'm getting transfered. So sure, in fact, that I've already started packing. Also the news on my x rays.

Love you all! 
Hna Hutchinson

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