Monday, February 17, 2014

February 10, 2014

We had transfers! Actually we just had "T-texts" which just say the transfers. This mission is weird and does transfers on Thursday. But because of that they change p day to Wednesday so the missionaries can pack. None of us got transfered. Just an elder in our district. But I've been invited and am going to the new missionary meeting so I can get an idea of what the heck they do here. That's from Tuesday night to Thursday morning which is why I now have p day today!

Today we're going to BOSTON! again. 

So my last appointment went well. I just met with a nurse lady (but she's a smart nurse lady) and we discussed treatment. She wanted to do some labs before we start treatment. I did a blood test so they can have a baseline of my blood work. They're also going to run it through the Quantiferon again to double check and today I'm going to do a chest x-ray. Katie (the smart nurse lady) is going to call me sometime soon with the final say on which drug she's going to give me. She wanted to talk with a couple doctors first. I think we're going to move forward with the Rifampin which means blood work every month, but I'll only have to take it for 4 months. As opposed to 9 months of INH. 

I've been doing good. I'm starting to get the hang of things here in the MBM (Mass Boston Mish) The portuguese is...coming. It's kinda hard because I'm not required to be speaking it all the time, so I think it will come a little bit slower than Spanish, but we'll see. I've been practicing and reading the BoM in Portuguese. I chugging along. We also got a snow storm this week. We got like a foot of snow, it was crazy! We actually had a snow day (they call it getting 'red-dotted') on Wednesday. We went to the clubhouse at our apartment and played Settlers of Catan. It was basically awesome.

Also, I was doing a bit of family history work and I found out that we're directly related to Anne Hutchinson. But on familysearch she's listed as Anne Marbury married to William Hutchinson. Look for it!! It's really cool. She's like 11 generations back or something.
This also makes us distantly related to George W Bush and Mitt Romney. 

I'll have fun in Boston for you all. 

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