Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 31, 2014

So yeah, I'm in Hartford now! It is definitely a part of my mission. The boundaries cover Mass, Conn, Rhode island, a bit of New Hampshire, a bit of Vermont and a tiny bit of New York state. I'm living in a tall apartment complex on the 19th floor with a great view of downtown. I really like it here. We're covering the Spanish branch and the people here are really nice. It's been so nice to just be covering spanish. My companion is also really awesome, Sister H. Our bonding started when I first got in the car after transfer meeting. She had her ipod hooked up and it happened to be on a David Archuleta song. The album cover is a picture of him leaning back in a chair with a huge smile on his face and his really long hair. I chuckled and she said, "do you not like David Archuleta?" and I said, "oh no, it's just that I was just serving in his mission." she stopped and said, "WHAT?!" and it just went from there. She LOVES David Archuleta haha. She got me though when she told me she's met Dieter F Uchtdorf which is SO COOL. We've also discovered that we're both obsessed with Harry Potter, we both have all the Very Potter Musical songs memorized and we have a lot of other common interests. Basically, we've become really good friends in just the last few days. It will be a god companionship. 

Also, I'm the designated driver for our companionship! I was kind of nervous at first, since I haven't driven in about a year. But the nervousness went away quickly. New Englanders drive CRAZY though! There is shameless shoulder driving, passing on the right and pretty much nobody stops at stop signs. It's pretty crazy, but I've gotten used to it. One thing I find amusing is how everybody seems to feel the need to be first in line so they'll pass you and get in front, just to be in front. They don't drive any faster or anything. They just want to be in front. Good thing I'm a nice driver.

So one of our investigators name's in L. This guy is awesome. They found him 9 months ago on the street and he has become one of those Ensign article investigators. His life has changed completely around and he is an amazing strong disciple of Christ. He has been so converted though, I'm amazed! In our lesson, he told us that he has three goals in life and they are to get baptized, go to the temple and endure to the end. He is AMAZING! I'm so happy that I've gotten the opportunity just to meet him! He is SO sweet!  

Well that's been my life for the last few days. On Tuesday we dropped Sister P off at the airport. I got an email from her saying she made it okay and she even contacted some Brazilians in the plane. She's going to be awesome there.

Tell everyone I say hi!
Hermana Hutchinson

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