Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I skipped a week due to being out of town, here it is. Back to the chile pepper design per Hermana Hutchinson's request.

March 10, 2014

Well this was an interesting week. It all started off with us going and being 'actors' for a CNA clinical. We were only going to help one of our investigator, G, but we ended up staying there for 5 hours, helping all of her other foreign classmates as well. We got 3 contacts out of it, so we didn't complain for a second. It was interesting. Basically I went in an acted like a really old person who couldn't do anything for myself while she pretended to dress me and cut my nails. 

Then on thursday I woke up with some pretty intense stomach pains. Like, that was the most pain I've ever experienced in my entire life. We called the doctor and he said it was acid reflux so I took some Prilosec and all was well. Turns out it's a normal symptom of Rifampin. He called me back that evening and told me he was going to write me a prescription for prilosec as a preventative measure. So not only am I taking Rifampin, but I'll be taking prilosec too. The good news is once June 12 hits, I'm FREE from all the drugs.

Speaking of June 12th, that also happens to be the first day of the World Cup! So the Rifampin countdown I have in my calendar also doubles as a countdown to the Soccor World Cup that's going to be in Brazil. I've never been excited for the World Cup. But I'm part Chilean now, so it's in my blood. 

Also on thursday, we met with our new investigator N! She is awesome! There's a sister in the spanish group named M Q that's been inviting her to church and telling her about the 
gospel. This woman is so prepared for the gospel, it's awesome! I'm excited for her.

We also had zone meeting this week. The highlight was when Sister L and I did the announcements. We did it like we were newscasters and everyone loved it. It was really funny.

I also got to go to the Boston Temple this week! I would send you a picture, but there's like an anti-sd card slot law in Massachusetts or something (not really) so I can't hook my camera up right now, but one of these days I'll send pictures to you! One of sister P's  converts went to do baptisms at the temple. She brought a family name so it was a REALLY cool experience. It was also the first time I've done baptisms since high school so I really enjoyed it. The Boston temple is really cool and the baptismal font is HUGE, well at least the oxen under the font. I guess the font itself is normal sized. It was super cool. 

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