Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 3, 2014

This week was awesome! There has been a lot going on. We started an English class, but like a pretty legit English class. We have been putting a lot of time and energy to make it work. We started it and it has been a HUGE success! We have two classes a week and between the two classes we have about 30-40 people coming. Most of them are nonmembers. It's been awesome! We're trying to get the ward involved too so it won't die when we get transferred.

We also had 3 nonmembers at the Spanish group yesterday. And a less active member came (with her nonmember husband) to have her baby blessed! It was such a neat experience. The spirit was so strong, it was awesome!

This week has been a big adventure for my companionship. Sister P has been waiting for her visa for about 9 months now. She was going to have a request sent in to change her mission to Boston but the President got a call that her visa came in! She has really mixed feelings about it because she loves this mission so much and is really nervous about going to Brazil. But she also really wants to go (uh hello, she'll be there for the WORLD CUP!). She's been a mix of a lot of emotions this week but we've been helping her through it :) It's funny because it's like the roles are switching. She's the one who's abruptly changing missions halfway through now. She's been asking me cute questions like "was it scary going to chile?" She's such an awesome missionary, I know she will do well in Brazil.

The medication is doing okay.  The headaches have been going away so that's good.

I'm loving Massachusetts and all the work I'm doing here! Keep on being awesome and helping the missionaries!

<3Hermana Hutchinson

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