Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 16, 2013


This email is super late today. We just got back from Rancagua. Hna M had a doctors appointment this morning. Rancagua is four hours away and we were there for about 6 hours. But life of a missionary I guess. But we just got back so I'm emailing now.

I've decided I'm not a huge fan of Rancagua. It's cool there, but it's so big! I love my little ConstituciĆ³n. I don't want to go! Which probably means that I will be getting transfered this transfer.....but we'll find out! I still have three weeks so I'm not worried. I also love ocean and the beach. But I don't like the ugly factory. It's similar to the factory in Lewiston and yeah, it almost smells the same too. Luckily it's not as bad and it's only around the factory.

This week was kind of rough. We had a hard time finding new investigators, but all is well. Our english class was good this week. We ended up starting late because of an issue with they keys to the church, but it was good.

I'm super excited for this week because it's Chilean independence day!!! September 18th. I'm glad you didn't send me a flag because there are plenty of flags here. Hahaha plenty. I can buy one on nearly every street corning. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones. The cool thing about Chilean Independence day is it's not just one's THREE! September 17-19. I bought a dress too! It's a dress they wear to dance the cueca (kweka) and you'll love it mom, it's purple! They're suuuper cute! I'm going to wear it tomorrow to the ward activity :) The cueca is really cool. The other day in the plaza they had a big festival with all the schools. All the kids danced the cueca together. It was really fun...except I forgot my camera.

And we have a baptism coming up!! The 28th! His name is P! He has stopped smoking and drinking and has a great testimony! I'm super excited!

Also, wanna here a funny and awkward story? Hahahah so there's an inactive memeber named E. He's, like 24ish. I met him one of my first weeks here. We went back a few more times with my last companion and taught him and his dad. Sometimes it's hard to find him, but finally, my new companion and I were able to go visit him this week. So we went to visit him, and the weirdest thing, he started flirting with me! He had never flirted with me before and suddenly, he's asking me if I had a boyfriend before my mission and if we're allowed to get married (a frequently asked question---what are we nuns?) and if we can be facebook friends. Then the next day we stopped by to drop off a Book of Mormon because he lost his in the earthquake. I shook his had to say bye but when I tried to pull it away, he wouldn't let go. awwwkwaaaard! We haven't been back since and the next time we go, si o si (as the chileans would say--it means yes or yes) we are bringing a member. Preferrably a young beautiful single woman. Hahahaha

I still love Chile and the people here! I love my mission and I'm excited for this week and conference!!!

Stay awesome and you have my permission to eat cake on Wednesday to celebrate with the chileans ;)

Hermana Hutchinson



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