Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hey, sorry for my horrendous email last week. It's seriously getting harder and harder to email on p days. I don't really know why, it just gets old I guess. Especially when nothing exciting or interesting happens during the week. But this week, I'm repenting.

So H is doing well. This week we saw a great change in him. He is understanding the gospel more and he is more interested in reading and going to church. He has even been doing the assignments we give him! He didn't come to the branch yesterday, but apparently he went to the Canton ward with his uncle. Which, I mean, he's at church, but he doesn't understand any of it, so I don't know. Anywho, he's doing well still. We've starting planning his baptism, like who's speaking and what time it's going to be at. We're really excited and hoping that all will go well in the next couple weeks. We still have a lot to do!

O is also doing well. Due to some dumb circumstances, we weren't able to meet with him 2 weeks in a row. BUT we met with him Saturday and Sunday. He asked us what else he needs to do to prepare for baptism since he's been reading and praying a ton. We told him, "Go to church!" He keeps telling us that he's going to go to church and then....he doesn't. But he said this Sunday he will definitely come. No word yet on the marriage, but we want to meet with R sometime and talk about it with her, just us girls. Maybe we can help her get past some of her worries about getting married.

J....well, we haven't met with J recently. He dropped of the radar, but we're going to call him.

Do you remember me telling you about M? She's an amazing woman from Brazil who was already reading the Book of Mormon when we met with her. Unfortunately we have only been able to meet with her once. She started working late and it was difficult to find a time to meet with her, even though she really wanted to learn more. Her family has been going through a lot of difficulties recently. We found out this week (thanks to a great member who's been good about keeping in contact with her) that they were going to be moving to Florida. Her daughter was really sick though and wanted a blessing. Well, it just so happened that an Elder from Brazil had just been transferred into our zone, Elder P. So we called them up and they willingly came to give her a blessing (because they're appointment just "happened" to cancel on them) It was an amazing experience! He was able to speak Portuguese with them, without any language barrier and give her daughter a blessing. M said she's going to join the church when she gets to Florida. We're all hoping and praying that there is someone in the town they're moving to that will be able to help her. We also found out that her daughter, G, also wants to get baptized! So I'm sure, with time, the whole family will get baptized and get sealed in the temple :)

And H. He is still waiting for his mission call.  There were a couple problems with his papers before so they didn't get sent until last week. We're hoping that this Friday his call will come! We have dinner with them that night so it would be very convenient if it came so we can find out where he's going!

Yesterday President Packard came to our stake and did a fireside about "What the World knows because of Joseph Smith" It was an amazing fireside! And we saw the coolest miracle! There is a less active in our branch who was offended and doesn't have very good feelings towards the church. She's a "do not contact". Well, last night, guess who was at the fireside? Yep, the offended less active! And dang, that was an amazing fireside! It got rave reviews! Of all the church events she could choose to come to, she came to the right one! Hopefully she'll come to church this week! 

Another cool thing, on Thursday, we found ourselves driving behind a Bing street view car. It had this tall pole on it with a 360 degree camera. Sooooo we're going to be on Bing street view. It's not a cool as google street view, but I'll take what we can get.  

This week we have interviews with President Packard on Thursday and Wednesday my 100 day countdown will begin! Can you believe it!? 100 days. That's not very many days. (Especially compared to the greenie in our district--he has 700 days left) Also, BYU is playing UConn in football and the BYU president is coming to give a fireside which the missionaries are invited to! We're also doing exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I'm going to their area and one of them is coming to Hartford. No, they don't speak spanish. No, I have no idea how our exchanges work, but they do.

Next Monday, we're going to the temple. We don't really know yet if we're going to stay in Boston or not. But in the event that we do, I don't know when emailing will happen. Just so you're aware. But don't worry, I'll send an email next week.

The end of August is shaping up to be a good one! I hope you all enjoy your extra 2 weeks of summer! In Hartford, school is starting this tomorrow. Summer went by fast! Don't blink, or it'll be Christmas ;) 

Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Hutchinson

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